The article deals with the features of the controlling implementation in trade enterprises in the context of the international dimension, the possibility of adapting international approaches to the Ukrainian conditions of business. The essential concept of controlling and its connection with realization of the general functions of management is defined. It is established that controlling is a management subsystem that ensures the achievement of the mission and system of goals of the enterprise, covers all areas of activity, business processes and business facilities. It is determined that effective business processes are the driving force of success of a trading company, so the implementation of processes should be monitored and any deviations should be corrected in a timely manner. It was found that the concept of controlling is not limited to pure control. The impossibility of considering controlling only at the final stage of management is substantiated. Controlling ensures the achievement of the goals of trade networks, directing the functioning of the management system of trade entrepreneurs in a single direction, defined by strategic, tactical and operational plans. The experience of other countries in controlling conducting at trade enterprises is studied. The tools of foreign practice that can be used in the implementation of controlling of different areas (marketing controlling, procurement and logistics controlling, financial activities controlling, sales controlling, financial activities controlling) are defined: kaizen system, Just-in-time system, CRM, benchmarking, ABS-analysis and XYZ-analysis, PIMS, outsourcing matrix, DPS method, profitability chart «Maisigma», PEST-analysis, Monte Carlo method, methodology of «quality circles», sensitivity analysis, construction of a map of strategic groups, quality standards, performance indicators, calculation of inventory levels, comparison of costs in the value chain, change management, management of «weak» signals, hierarchy of strategies, building a map of business processes. Implementation of controlling provides an increase in trade to 25%; increase in profit from 10 to 12%; increase in profitability from 8 to 20%; increase labor productivity to 30%.



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Lositska , T. ., Bieliaieva , N., Lagutin , V., & Melnyk , T. (2021). CONTROLLING OF TRADE ENTERPRISES IN THE CONTEXT OF THE INTERNATIONAL DIMENSION. Financial and Credit Activity: Problems of Theory and Practice, 1(36), 92–98.



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