• V. Makohon Doctor of Economics, Professor of Finance, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, Ukraine



The article describes the essence of budget policy. Determined its role in ensuring macroeconomic stability and accelerating economic growth. The quantitative and qualitative impact of the budget regulation system on the economic environment has been characterized. It is substantiated that purposeful budget regulation allows accelerating or slowing social and economic processes, ensuring achievement of certain strategic goals and objectives. An estimation of the impact of budget policy on economic growth, in particular, on the justification of the interrelation of the share in the GDP of income, including direct and indirect taxes; expenses, including social protection and social security, economic activity; direct state and guaranteed debt with real GDP in Ukraine. For 2009—2019, the share of gross income and expenditure, deficit and debt in the countries of the European Union in the GDP was determined; income, expenses, deficit of the consolidated budget, direct state and guaranteed debt in Ukraine. The substantiation of the provision on the development of institutional foundations for fiscal policy-making based on the necessity of adapting the set of mechanisms of functioning of the budget regulation system to the conditions of development of the financial and economic environment and the cyclical nature of economic processes; the position regarding the formation of budget policy based on a forecast assessment of budgetary parameters, based on the projected macroeconomic indicators of socio-economic development of the country, tools and levers of tax policy. The priority directions of budget policy in the conditions of economic transformations are determined, in particular, to strengthen the investment and innovation budget component, to improve the structure of tax revenues, to maintain a safe level of public debt and budget deficit, to improve the quality of public debt management and to determine strategic guidelines for the structure of the debt portfolio.




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Makohon , . V. (2021). INFLUENCE OF BUDGET POLICY ON ECONOMIC GROWTH OF THE COUNTRY. Financial and Credit Activity: Problems of Theory and Practice, 1(36), 243–249.



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