The study deals with identifying trends in the labor market in Ukraine, which is significantly influenced by threatening external and internal factors. The authors prove in the article that the incentives to reform this market today are significantly weakened by the negative effects of the crisis, which covers all spheres of life — from the economy to health care. It was found that the negative trends of the world and national markets contribute to the decline in the quality of human capital of labor resources, worsen the structure of the national labor market. The multi-vector nature of the crisis leads to the formation of a multiplicative effect — its various aspects increase the influence of each other. As a result, the negative pressure of the crisis factors on the national labor market is increasing with growing pace. The authors prove that the old extensive approach of managers to the use of labor resources of Ukraine has outlived itself. The existing model and approaches to its reform given the current scale of threatening trends do not meet the criteria of effectiveness. Ukraine needs a new labor market model. The efforts of government officials and the influence of the business community should be aimed at forming a model whose goals will be: stabilizing the economic, social and political situation in Ukraine, reducing the risk of uncontrolled growth of social tensions, forming a flexible response to neutralize the effects of the crisis. It is pointed out that the lack or even slowdown of the reaction to the existing negative tendencies inherent in the labor market in Ukraine can cause significant and drastic social and political changes. The originality of the article is stipulated by the need to identify labor market trends under the influence of the crisis and the situation on the world labor market, identify factors that lead to the consolidation of an extensive labor market model in a permanent crisis, identify factors that contribute to this and negative consequences for the economy.




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Yurchuk , N. ., Leshchuk , H., Tkachenko , O. ., Kotenok , A., & Cherviakova , D. . (2021). LABOR MARKET OF UKRAINE IN CONDITIONS OF SYSTEM CRISIS. Financial and Credit Activity: Problems of Theory and Practice, 1(36), 496–503.



The social-humanitarian context of transformational finance-economical processes