Abstract. Current issues of international and national guarantees of economic security and some proposals for their improvement outline the developments set out in this article. It is stated that economic security is one of the most important components of national security of Ukraine and is its material basis. The concept of economic security is formulated and its components are singled out.

The main international guarantees of economic security are analyzed. It is stated that, according to the main international documents, the state guarantee of social, economic rights, economic security in particular, is carried out gradually, within the maximum limits of available resources. It is stated that the case law of the European Court of Human Rights is an effective guarantee of protection of economic, social and other rights of citizens of Ukraine, economic security of the state.

The main national guarantees of economic security of Ukraine are described. In order to more effectively guarantee economic security, a proposal has been formulated to adopt the Law of Ukraine «On Economic Security of Ukraine», which should clearly define its concepts, components, principles of provision, etc.

The main threats to Ukraine’s economic security have been identified. It is stated that at the present stage of Ukraine’s development, the greatest threat to Ukraine’s economic security is an armed attack by the Russian Federation and the temporary occupation of part of Ukraine’s territory.

Proposals for Ukraine to take measures to more effectively guarantee economic security (ensuring the functioning of the economy on the principles of legality, rule of law, stability, freedom of entrepreneurial activity, priority of national interests of Ukraine; cessation of armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and return of temporarily occupied part of Ukraine; real and maximum provision of social and economic rights of citizens, improvement of mechanisms for removing the economy from the shadow sphere, elimination of corruption in economic and other spheres of public life, etc.).

Keywords: economic security of Ukraine, guarantees, economy, state, economic and social rights, international documents.

JEL Classification К10

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