Abstract. In the current conditions investment is an important basis for the development of many levels of the economic system and can be considered as a driver of country`s economic development. They are necessary to increase the production rate, modernize the economic complex, diversify the economy. Assessment of investment attractiveness is considered as an important means of optimal achievement of investment goals, which ensures the performance of the function of investment management mechanism. The investment attractiveness of an individual country, region, industry or enterprise is an important guideline for the investor in the issue of deciding on capital investment. In the current conditions of globalization of the economy in assessing the investment attractiveness of the country is becoming increasingly important image of the country in the international arena, its position in the leading rankings, the experience of other investors in the country.

The article considers the essence of the concept of “investment attractiveness” and offers its own author's definition of this concept. Describe the methodological approaches to assessing investment attractiveness at different levels of the economic hierarchy. The relationship between the definitions of investment attractiveness, climate, potential, risk and activity has been studied. A macroeconomic analysis of the dynamics of Ukraine's position in the light of international ratings and indices is held. Organizations and ratings that assess the investment attractiveness of the state are presented. Methods of ratings of investment attractiveness of countries are substantiated. A comprehensive assessment of Ukraine's investment attractiveness in recent years has been made. The factors that lead to changes in the transformation processes in the country, the aggravation of the general economic situation, the shortage of domestic financial resources and the problem of attracting foreign investment, which in turn hinder the increase of investment attractiveness of Ukraine are considered. Recommendations for improving the investment attractiveness of Ukraine in modern conditions are given.

Key words: investments, investment attractiveness, international ratings and indices, investment activity, investment climate, investment potential, investment risk.

JEL Classification E22, F21, O11

Formulas: 0; fig.: 1; tabl.: 2; bibl.:31.



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Hrytsenko, L., Zakharkin О., Dekhtyar, N., & Shamkalo, K. (2021). ASSESMENT OF INVESTMENT ATTRACTIVNESS OF UKRAINE. Financial and Credit Activity: Problems of Theory and Practice, 3(38), 379–389.



Economic-theoretical aspect of Financial Credit System's development