Abstract. The article identifies that an important area of sustainable development and public administration reform is an effective e-government process, which should be provided with appropriate funding. The purpose of the article is to determine further opportunities for financing e-government of Ukraine in the framework of projects and public administration reform, taking into account the experience of the European Union to achieve the goals of sustainable development and digitalization of the country. The methodological basis of the study is the analytical data of UNDP Ukraine, the National Agency for Civil Service Affairs of Ukraine, the European Commission, the study of the digital government of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The key factors of the state in the direction of digital society and sustainable democratic governance are identified (human rights, transparency and integrity, parliamentary reform, civil society and youth work, health care reform and public procurement support, digital transformation). Peculiarities of financing the Public Administration Reform Strategy of Ukraine are analyzed, the largest share of financing of which is the budget program «Support to the implementation of comprehensive public administration reform» and EU budget support. The peculiarities of e-government financing in the EU countries are determined. The necessity of external sources of financing of digital projects in Ukraine due to their insufficient financing is substantiated. The largest donor countries for financing e-government projects in Ukraine (Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Poland) have been identified. Based on the study of European experience in financing models of e-government development projects, existing funding instruments for Ukraine (funds of the joint interstate development strategy, grants, charity, public-private partnership) and promising funding instruments have been identified, the use of which will increase openness, transparency and efficiency and ensure the development of open data.

Keywords: e-government, project financing, digital transformation, public administration reform.

JEL Classification G38

Formulas: 0; fig.: 2; tabl.: 2; bibl.: 14.



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Chernetsky, S. ., Chechel, A. ., Didenko, N. ., Grytsyshen, D. ., & Malyshev, K. . (2021). FINANCING OF E-GOVERNMENT PROJECTS IN THE EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRIES AND UKRAINE. Financial and Credit Activity: Problems of Theory and Practice, 4(39), 68–76.



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