Abstract. The modern driver of the country’s economic development is the creative economy, which is considered by many scientists as a new model of the growth. Ukraine has not stayed away from the process of forming a creative economy. According to the rating of the Global Creativity of the Martin Prosperity Institute, Ukraine ranked 45th among 139 countries. Analysis of the content of the Global Index suggests that it is the high rating of the Talent Index (24 positions) that caused a fairly high Global Index. The reinforcing components of the High Talent Index are the number of the highly educated people and the share of creative workers. The Technology Index is quite high (43 positions). As for the Tolerance Index, Ukraine ranked 105th. The considered components of the indices allowed us to draw a conclusion about the existing unrealized and powerful reserves of Ukraine’s creativity.

An important component of the formation of the creative economy of Ukraine is the creative industries. However, research has shown that the sources of creative potential are in non-creative industries. The basis of such sources is a human capital.

It is important to find tools that will increase the creative potential of any business structure, regardless of its industry affiliation. However, research has shown that this problem has gone unnoticed by scientists. The article proves that such a tool is a balanced scorecard.

The aim of the article is to analyze a balanced system of indicators in terms of their compliance with the requirements of the creative economy and to find sources for adapting this system to new requirements.

The system is not only evaluative, but also serves as a means of the strategic management, as it allows you to direct the development strategy of the organization in the plane of specific strategic objectives and indicators. The advantages of the system are the ability to identify performance indicators to determine the main direction of the organization, and for individual units; use of feedback; bringing specific goals to each specific performer; motivation of employees of the enterprise depending on the results of the task; universality of application of the system.

Analysis of the essence of a balanced scorecard allowed to identify sources of creativity for each of the four components of the system (financial, customer evaluation, business process efficiency, staff). The search for sources of system adaptation was carried out for BAKER TILLY Ukraine LLC. The company uses a balanced scorecard, which has its four main components and does not belong to the creative industries. As a result of the analysis of the company’s activity, the sources of increasing the creative potential were identified and the methods of their implementation were proposed.

Keywords: creative economy, human capital, creative potential, balanced scorecard, sources of creativity.

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