Abstract. The article examines the feasibility and relevance of reforming corporate income taxation in Ukraine.

We have scrutinized scientific researches of domestic and foreign scientists. The low fiscal efficiency of corporate income tax has been investigated and a stable relationship has been detected between the level of tax payment and a set of additional factors, namely the level of corporate management, the form of ownership and public attention.

The high weight of the payment of income tax in the overall structure of the top-30 enterprises of Ukraine for the payment of taxes was noted. The international experience of corporate income taxation is analyzed and summarized. The necessity of replacing the income tax with another type of corporate income taxation has been substantiated. Systemic problems of the effectiveness of the existing models of corporate income taxation in the world are noted. The negative impact of low-tax on the functioning of tax systems in a lot of countries and the creation of the effect of uneven tax burden is emphasized. Information on the practical experience of introducing a tax on withdrawn capital in the foreign countries has been systematized. The low efficiency of that concept and the inexpediency of using this concept in the modern domestic conditions have been investigated. The possibility of replacing the value added tax has been assessed and the critical dependence of the budget incomes on the tax has been established. Concept of reforming corporate income taxation was developed and substantiated by introducing 1% turnover tax in addition to value added tax and the complete abolition of income tax. The volume of tax receipts for 2010—2019 has been estimated in the case of the introduction of author's concept of corporate taxation of income instead of current taxation system. The positive consequences for Ukrainian economy have been evaluated and systematized. Strong need to form a new tax culture and philosophy of interaction between representatives of tax authorities and business was emphasized.

Keywords: corporate income taxation, corporate income tax, tax on withdrawn capital, turnover tax.

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Mamontova, N. ., & Vityuk, V. . (2021). THE CONCEPT OF CORPORATE REFORM INCOME TAXATION IN UKRAINE. Financial and Credit Activity: Problems of Theory and Practice, 4(39), 130–137.



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