Abstract. The modern world is in the phase of active implementation of digitalization of most processes, including cloud technologies, which is also associated with the introduction of quarantine measures in most countries. Over the past decade, the average annual growth of the cloud services market has expanded by about 50% to more than $ 220 billion. This figure is projected to exceed $ 500 billion in the near future. Currently, a large number of cloud service companies are concentrated in the market. All companies can be classified into national, operating within one country, and international, operating in many countries simultaneously. In Ukraine, the leader is the high-tech company De Novo, which provides services in the segment of corporate clients based on VMware, EMC, Microsoft Azure solutions. Competitors are well-known foreign IT giants, namely: Oracle, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, HP and others. The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine plays an important role in this area. The latter signed an agreement with Microsoft to implement the Azure Expansion Program and accelerate Ukraine's digital transformation, including the development of Azure cloud services for the sum of more than $ 500 million. The transition from physical, outdated IT technologies to new cloud services will allow companies to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining their own staff of IT professionals and engineers, reduce dependence on IT equipment suppliers and increase productivity and efficiency of the decisions made. The management of the enterprise can choose one of the offered models from the companies-providers: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. The choice will depend on the immediate management needs and financial capabilities of the enterprise. In Ukraine, the biggest share of users of cloud services belongs to large utility companies and state enterprises, namely: Dija, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kyiv Municipal Enterprise "Informatics", Prozorro, Ukrposhta, E-Health (National Health Center of Ukraine), Naftogaz and several other organizations. Thus, the introduction of cloud services involves digital business transformations, namely: optimization of business processes, acceleration of innovation, cost reduction and so on.

Key words: IT technologies, cloud technologies, cloud service providers, management, business.

JEL Classification L86, M15

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Gevko, V. ., Vivchar, O. ., Sharko, V. ., Radchenko О. ., Budiaiev, M. ., & Tarasenko, O. . (2021). CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. Financial and Credit Activity: Problems of Theory and Practice, 4(39), 294–301.



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