Abstract. The savings of the population are an important internal source of investment potential of the state, due to which the national welfare of developed countries is formed. It is suggested to consider the investment potential of a household from the standpoint of their ability to save, tendency to save and intentions to transform non-consumer resources into investments.

The analysis of the dynamics of income and expenses, deposits and contributions to private pension funds of the population of Ukraine in 2010—2020 allowed to identify limitations in the formation and effective use of investment potential of households: low wages and lack of financial resources for households to form their investment potential; preservation of significant savings of households outside the financial system; weak development of stock markets and non-bank financial services, insufficient level of coverage of the population; low level of trust in financial institutions; unformed mentality of investment in the domestic economy.

An approach to stimulating public participation in the investment process has been developed, which provides for households an accumulation of their own savings in special accounts opened with banks and then direct these funds to investment and innovation projects implemented in those sectors of the economy that are of strategic and social importance for economic development of the national economy. The mechanism of creation and functioning of the Fund of compensation of investments of physical persons intended for compensation of the losses caused by professional investors is proved.

To increase the activity of households to support social projects, measures are proposed to promote the idea of ​​creating endowment funds among domestic non-profit organizations and increase their attractiveness to potential investors and partners.

The priorities of the state policy of activating the investment potential of households in Ukraine are formulated: providing conditions for expanding the investment potential of households through the growth of real incomes; development of a set of measures to provide guarantees for the participation of households in investment processes; creation of an effective system for attracting household savings to investment activities through a wide range of reliable and understandable for the average citizen financial mechanisms; increase of the level of financial literacy of Ukrainians in the context of their active involvement in investment processes in the financial market; restoring of public confidence in the national currency and the activities of financial intermediaries. 

Keywords: households, investments, investment potential, savings, mechanism of savings transformation.

JEL Classification D14, E20, G23, R28

Formulas: 0; fig.: 1; tabl.: 3; bibl.: 12.



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Economic-theoretical aspect of Financial Credit System's development