Abstract. The problem of elaborating the comprehensive state policy on regulatory and legal provision of the financial security at all levels of economy is significantly important for Ukraine. It is crucial to ensure development and implementation of the legislative framework that would determine the types of internal and external threats to the stability of financial activity and the means of counteracting these threats; the full power and responsibility of state authorities concerning the financial and legal regulation aimed at warranting order in financial sphere; the mechanism of financial control organization as the means of preventing financial offences. The aim of the research is to outline the essence of new threats to the economic and financial security of the state under modern economic conditions and search for the required mechanisms and means of regulatory and legal provisioning of the financial security of Ukraine. In the course of research, the general scientific and theoretical methods have been applied. These include systemic analysis (for defining the object and the subject of research); abstract and logical method (for preparing the scientifically justified generalizations and conclusions about the essence, the mechanism of provisioning financial security of the state, and the factors that designate it); graphic method (for representing visually the mechanism of ensuring financial security of the state). The article introduces improvements to the list of modern internal and external threats to the financial and economic security of the state with respect to the immanent nature of the World Band and the International Monetary Fund. It has been emphasized that the new list of indicators and sources of initial information about the constituent components of financial security should be developed and approved because the current list was outlined in the end of 2013 and does not take into account modern realia. It is necessary to determine the functions of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine in the realm of monitoring and regulating financial stability of the state, particularly in the real economy sector. It has been specified that scientific development of the range of problems related to the methodology and legal regulation of the state security provisioning, as well as the means and methods of preventing and mitigating the threats, is tightly connected with the development of macroprudential supervision and regulation under the aegis of the National Bank of Ukraine. The introduction of new indicators by the Bank (such as the level of non-performing loans, the financial stress index, and others) is the positive step. Nonetheless, the large quantity of private indicators interferes the process of elaborating the set of measures for financial and legal regulation of the financial security level. The new methodological approach to development of the integrated indicator of financial stability at the macro level has been suggested. The research results enable the possibility of improving the mechanism of state financial security and justifying the set of measures for its reinforcement. The review and improvement of the current legal framework in the area of financial and regulatory economic security, and development of the new integrated indicator of financial security level are necessary.

Keywords: financial security; internal and external threats; legal mechanism of security provision, macroprudential regulation.

JEL Classіfіcatіon: О12, Е59

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Nastasiak, I. ., Baik, O. ., Zaiats, O. ., Mykhalitska, N. ., & Veresklia, M. . (2021). FINANCIAL AND LEGAL ASPECTS OF ECONOMIC SECURITY OF THE STATE. Financial and Credit Activity: Problems of Theory and Practice, 4(39), 482–493.



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